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3 Tips for Planning Your 30th Birthday!

Late ’91 and early ’92 babies are getting ready to have a major milestone! Planning any event can be exciting and stressful, but 30 is a major life milestone and I am here to offer a few tips to make sure you do it right!

30th Birthday Cake with a tuxedo tie and candles with the numbers 3 and 0.

Set a realistic date

Check with your loved ones – Make sure you aren’t competing with other milestones in your family! If a cousin is getting married the week before and having a destination wedding that everyone is flying out for, you may want to consider offsetting your birthday celebration week/weekend! Also everyone is turning 30 at the same time and multiple parties back to back can be taxing. If you run in the same social circle as a friend with a nearby birthday consider doing it together – we love a double header weekend!

Select an Event Type

Is this a causal weekend of bar hopping and hitting the streets that ends with dinner? Do you want a formal event where people pull out their fancy clothes? Is this a glamourous sit down dinner? A groovy dancing party? Or an activity event where you’re going sky diving or wine tasting? Your birthday can be whatever your heart desires. Selecting the type of event you will have is a major key in 30th Birthday Planning. You will need to decide what the focal point is of the day/weekend, other than you of course! 🙂 Decide what type of event this is first and that will easily help you narrow down tasks like budget, location, and theme.

Be Mindful

With the pandemic still impacting our day to day lives it’s hard to guess what the next few months will be like. While some areas seem to be loosening restrictions, larger gatherings are still frowned upon or down right against the rules depending on where you are. When thinking about the date and event type also consider party size. Also be mindful that guests may only feel comfortable doing outdoor events or events with smaller guest counts.

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It’s your party and you can plan if you want too! These quick tips will help you have a party to remember…well until your next major party! Here at Jazmine Karess Events, we love planning parties, as much as we love going to them! If you want to give your guests a night to remember and take the stress out of party planning (other than what outfit to stunt in), contact me now!

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