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4 Nosey Topics Wedding Planners Actually Need the Tea On

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While some of these topics may feel a little personal, I promise we are not asking to be nosey. These topics are actually REALLY important to setting expectations during the planning process. We spend a lot of time together and want to make sure our values align and we also need have full picture so we can support you as best as we can!

What are your values as a couple?

Sustainability, minority-owned vendors, guest experience? We need to know your value blueprint aka what matters most to you, so we can support those values throughout planning your event.

How involved do you want to be in the planning process?

My approach to planning is collaborative, I consider my clients my partners-in-planning. Some couples want to relinquish the reins completely but still want to be involved in high-level decisions. It’s important to know how involved you want to be so we can determine what will be expected of you during the process.

What vendors have you already booked or have your heart set on?

Chances are we know these vendors and/or may have an established relationship with them. We can also provide insight on how good of a fit vendors you’re interested in may be for you. If you want a historic, classic wedding but only have industrial lofts or modern hotel ballrooms on your list, we can steer you in a direction that aligns with that vision.

What is going on outside of wedding planning?

If your busy season at work peaks during our planning process, we can plan accordingly! Caring for sick family, starting a new role, buying a house, or getting ready to move-in together are all regular life activities that it’s completely okay to share with your planner. What’s going on in your lives outside of planning has an impact on how we work together, so having this context helps us make the process as seamless as possible for you.

The more we know, the better!

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