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What budgets do you work with?

We find that clients who intend to spend a minimum of $35,000 for their wedding gain the most value in our services. Guest count and a few other factors can impact this number and I do not expect you to be an expert on this - that's my role! Please submit an inquiry and we will chat more at your consultation. 

How many staff members do you have?

Staffing is based on a few factors, including guest count and the depth of event design. A standard 150-person wedding will have 4 staff members at minimum. 

How do we communicate with you?

Email will be our primary form of communicating outside of your monthly meetings. NOTE: Full-Service clients will have access to my planning software which has varying levels of communication and idea sharing. 

How many Pinterest Boards have you made?

A lot. And I will make more and no one will stop me! :)

What is your design inspiration?

I am obsessed with classic styles and golds. Think royalty with a mix of modern shapes. Movie set designs are special to me as well because I love the attention to detail involved in each scene. 

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