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Top Three Takeaways from The Signature C.E.O. Conference 2020

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The events industry suffered a major blow due the COVID-19 pandemic right before wedding season began and it has been a real bummer. I recently got the chance to attend The Signature C.E.O. Conference this year and other than wearing a mask, it was just what the doctor ordered!

At the top of the year I wrote this post about JKE’s commitment to growth and education to better serve our clients.

As much as we enjoy planning and designing, it’s important that clients know that we are constantly working to be better, so that Jazmine Karess Events can serve better them. The new year is a great time for strategic planning: organizing the year, learning new apps, keeping up with industry trends, networking with the best of the best, and learning business practices to be more efficient and effective.

This is what helps Jazmine Karess Events evolve: Education.

If only I had known then that we would have the entire YEAR to focus on professional development! As my fellow event professionals and I find ourselves pretty much wedding/eventless this year due to the pandemic, we have had nothing but time to polish up our business practices. Peace of mind for our clients during the planning process is our top priority, and top notch business acumen is how we make that happen!

Check out some of my takeaways from this years virtual conference.

Swag Gifts mailed to attendees. Photo by Titania K. Of A Little Eccentric Co Events

1. You cannot pour from an empty cup

Day one, speaker one, I was already jumping out of my my seat! Beny Blaq is a fitness trainer who taught us that having a healthy heart, mind, and body is key to running a healthy business. “You cannot pour from an empty cup” really stuck with me because as entrepreneurs we ARE our business. Showing up for ourselves helps us show up for our clients as the best version of ourselves! Small business coach Tara McMullin reinforced the self-care theme when she discussed business vision planning. Having a strong sense of self leads to a clear and concise vision for our lives and businesses. Our daily decisions become much easier when we have a specific direction on where we want to go. Loved the bigger picture focus!

2. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready

Event planner Brian Green gave us a necessary reminder: The only thing constant in life is change, but we will survive it. As tempting as it has been to wallow in weddings past, how we react to change is what’s important. Using this down time to focus on our processes and skills is the real game changer for the future of our businesses. Michelle Gainey, also a planner / designer, said “If Oprah called you for an event today, you cannot start scrambling to get ready for this type of client.” What a mic drop moment! Preparing for big moments and changes now will ensure that we are ready to step up to the plate with no hesitation when the time comes to take action. Noted!

3. Consistency is key

Natarsha Wright‘s presentation was just powerful! This brand strategist gave us some real talk about developing our business brands as we grow and get to know our clients better. Brand alignment in how we present ourselves visually, actually starts from within! Developing concise missions, values, and goals is the blueprint to a consistent visual brand. Photographer Teshorn Jackson discussed how we can show up for clients. Yes, I mean literally show up…in Google searches! The more I learn about SEO the less anxiety I get about it. I was so grateful that he broke it all the way down into tangible action items. Consistency is the name of the game and Jazmine Karess Events is here to slay!


The speakers knocked it out the park! I am left encouraged and inspired. I also really enjoyed DJ Derron’s sets and the lunch time parties with Perfeckt Blend Band. Spice Girls band covers? Yes please!

Check out my cameo in the recap video!

I am locked and loaded with all this great information and I plan on finishing this 3rd Quarter with a bang – who’s with me?! Comment below!

For more info on the future Signature C.E.O. Conference events: Click Here!

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